Are you just a little curious?

Did we meet the mark?


Well, good news and bad news…….

Wait for it….


Good things come to those that do……..


Survey says?


Both initiatives will be placed on the ballot.


The confirming email reads:

“Mr. Aal,

Attached are your receipts regarding Initiative Petition # 2018-I-01 and Initiative Petition # 2018-I-02 qualifying the initiatives to be placed on the ballot.

Please contact with your ballot language by the deadline date of May 22, 2018.

Silvia Smith”

The official Receipts, with rejection rates, are as follows:


So NOW What?

There is a barbecue / potluck coming up at Rumsey Park; I think on June 3rd?  4 to 8:00pm?  (Once that is firmed up, we will let everybody know.)  We will let that be our first official meeting to get back into the swing of things.  We hope to see you there!

So we are not done!  Not even close.   We are working on the ballot summaries to be submitted by May 21st.

What then?

We need to advocate for the passage.  Think campaign flyers, signs, bumper stickers, etc.  We also need a fresh round of fund raising.  (See, I told you there was also bad news!)

We need to get the word out to the voters.  We need them to be “looking” for us when they go to vote and understanding what they are voting for.  That means advertising!  We will brain storm at the BBQ and figure out how to do it best.

Thank you to everybody involved.  A real pleasure to be associated with all of you.


Jeffrey S. Aal
Transparent Payson