Fourth of July – a quick perspective

Mr. Otis was very smart.

No, no, not that “Mr. Otis.” Although a little tenderness never hurt and might be a good thing in today’s political climate?  As the holiday weekend comes to an end, it is time to ramp up the election process.  As of today (July 8th, 2018) There are fifty-two days until the election.  One quick look back on Independence Day for perspective first?

James Otis Jr. was a lawyer, political activist, pamphleteer (a blogger?) and legislator in Boston.  He was an early advocate for views against the Monarchy that led to the American Revolution.  You might know him best for his slogan:

Yes on 401 and 402!

Taxation without representation is tyranny.  How would debt guaranteed by taxation, without the citizens vote, be any different?  We suspect Mr. Otis would approve of Proposition 401 and Proposition 402.


Hope the 4th of July Holiday was a good one for you!


Oh yes, the other Mr. Otis?  If you care for a 3:20 break from the day, here is a video with the other words of wisdom….

Both pretty smart men.

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