Payson…We have a problem.

Who is Transparent Payson?

We are citizens of Payson, Arizona who are striving to make our local government more transparent to its citizens.  As a 527 nonprofit PAC, we were responsible for the successful enactment of Propositions 401 and 402 a few years back, which helped curb government overreach. 


What has happened

We are currently busy defending these important ordinances.  There was recently an attempt by several town council members to illegally repeal these ballot initiatives, assuming a simple 4-3 vote could overturn the will of 60% of the voters.  Certain members of our town council obviously don’t want to abide by these initiatives. 

The town may force the people into taking legal action.

With the help of an attorney, we have temporarily halted that effort, but are certain we still have much work to do to defend Your taxpayers’ rights.  A copy is below.


Transparent_Payson_Letter dated 032421


Once again

We are preparing to defend the rights of Payson taxpayers in regards to several huge proposed projects here locally.  Our goal is not to prevent such projects, but to ensure transparency in all negotiations, discussions and contracts that affect the town.  We are protecting YOU, the Tax Payer!


Note: The committee is legally required to request identifying information from each contributor.We need your help. We ask for your support, in our fight to protect Payson! We need your time, and we need financial support in our efforts.  Will you help us to help you?

Any monetary donations can be made out, payable to “Transparent Payson.”  and can be mailed to Paul Frommelt,  513 N Hemlock Cir.  Payson, Az.  85541.  Any donations over $50 require the donor’s name, address, occupation and employer, as applicable.

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We do not sell your information.  Ever.
We do wish to keep you informed. 


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