The Mayoral Candidates – Where they stand on Prop 401 and 402

Two candidates are running for Mayor.

The incumbent, Mayor Swartwood, and the challenger, Mr. Tom Morrissey.  On the issue of the propositions Mr. Swartwood is quoted in a recent Roundup article as saying:


“Both propositions are ill-conceived and detrimental to the town.”

Mr. Morrissey?


“What transparency means to me is that most of our townspeople would have a good working knowledge of a particular project.”


It seems inconsistent that a candidate could ask for a citizen’s vote, then reject the notion of having citizen’s vote if it may conflict with their own agenda?


Mr. Morrissey is on record as fully supporting both 401 and 402. To learn more, please visit: or on Facebook @MorrisseyForMayor. If you would like to help Mr. Morrissey’s campaign, we suspect they could use a hand. Drop them a line at:

One more item of note from the Roundup article. Did you know that Mr. Swartwood promised one term?  If you support 401 and 402 we should help him keep that promise?


yes on 401 and 402


Yard signs are in the works…..

We have ordered up fifty.  Double sided.  Should be here in a week.  If you have a good place to display one please speak up!

Yes on 401 and 402
Vote yes on 401 and 402!

We have an advertisement (still slide) at the Sawmill Theaters.  We still have some shirts, if you would like one, just drop us a note.  With that our budget is pretty well done; We are broke.  🙁 

We will update the candidates positions soon. 


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  • Countdown to affirming the citizen’s voice.

    Election Day!August 28, 2018
    Thank you for voting!
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  • Registered Independent or other? Make sure you get the right ballot!

    A quick note for Independent Voters.

    Please ensure you have the correct ballot mailed to you. Major party voters have a "partisian ballot" that includes Town council and Town intitives in the primary election of August. Indpendent voters and others have to request a "partisian" or full ballot as the election of August 28th is a "primary" and not a gneral election. 

    Learn more (click here) for information via the Gila County Elections office.

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  • We did it!

    We did it! 

    Both intiavtives will be placed on the ballot!  Thank you Payson and the Citizens who supported us! 


    Vote yes on 401 and 402!

    To read the

    "Persuasive Arguments for the election Publicity Pamphlet

    Simply click HERE


    See you at the ballot box!