Signature drive update and billboard is up! Events for the coming week.

It is amazing so many people are now involved.  A true privilege.

Quick recap on our efforts.

Great success at new signature locations.  We are currently at GNC, ACE and AutoZone.  Moving around allows us to access various people.  Very good start.   Other locations are requesting we set up there and supporting us both large and small.
The bill board is up, looks good.  See below.

Current Signature Totals:

Signatures              722

Required               1400
Goal                     1800
To go:                  1079


Days Left 51
Required Per Day:
21 for 1800
14 for 1400

Voter Registrations: 21

If we had the lower limit of “qualified electors” this would be a sure thing / done deal.  That standard only requires about 750 signatures.  That is not the case.  Payson has a threshold of 15% of “registered voters.”   About 30% of “qualified electors.”  Your money, but not your input, think about that.    Learn about that distinction and why it matters here.

We have some events in the works:

Tuesday, March 13th, 11:30 AM Democratic Women of Rim Country

When: Tue, March 13, 11:30am – 1:00pm
Where: Tiny’s Family Restaurant And lounge, 600 E State Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541, USA (map)


“Drive in / Sign In.” To try to capture people who commute to the valley daily, or have not had the opportunity to see our pop up locations.  Will update via our Facebook page.

“Snacks and Facts.”   An early evening event that will be catered. Planning for first part of April.

Something fun.  A member from Payson Rocks will be making some rocks for us.  This looks like a fun group.  People hide painted rocks, share them, etc.  A Geo-cache, Easter egg hybrid idea?  Again, looks like lots of fun.  We will be hiding them around Rumsey Park area.  Painted with slogans like: “Your trees,”  “Your Rocks,” and “Your Land.”  Not many, but hope to raise awareness of the issues among what is a fun hobby of searching for painted rocks.

Please attend this week’s meeting.  Topics:

New documents presented via the Town.
Update / Plan for interim collection of petitions and a “notary party.”
Update on “media relations effort.”

Public meeting, 6:00pm, Rim Country Health Community Room, 807 W. Longhorn

Speaking of documents. 


260 Chat had a document request filled.  Think the town is shooting straight?  Playing by the rules? 

Think again.  Click here, learn some more.

1.   In no way shape or form is this the totality of written communication occurring between the Town of Payson and CCP.
2.   The original contract was contemplated exclusively between the Town of Payson ….. (Follow the links, learn some more. )

If the Town is not playing by the rules, can the Town be trusted?

Want to see more about the documents?  Click here.


Quick rundown on last week.
Not much in the way of public efforts.  Attended the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, but not much more.



Oh yea, the snazzy bill board?

Thanks again Scott @ Rim Country Guns!


We need more folks to fill slots / positions.

Anybody who is registered can be a circulator.


Hope to see most of you at the meeting.


Thank you again to all who make this effort possible.

Sign the Petition!

Ongoing Signature Collection Locations:

Ongoing signatures @ Rim Country Guns. 513 S. Beeline Highway Payson AZ 85541. Telephone 928-474-8000.

Stop by, sign the petition, take a look at the all the store has to offer. Rim Country Guns is a Federal Firearms Class 3 Licensed dealer located in Payson, Arizona. They offer firearms, archery, supplies, & services.

“Pop up” locations:

Monday through Friday,

@ Paul’s Ace Hardware & Nursery, 507 N Beeline Hwy, Payson, AZ 85541 A voter registration drive. Register to vote and learn why your voice matters. Scheduled 10:00 am to 2:00 pm weather permitting.

@ GNC Live Well Center 319 E Highway 260, Ste B8, Payson, AZ 85541 A voter registration drive. Register to vote and learn why your voice matters. Scheduled 10:00 am to 2:00 pm weather permitting.

Voter Registration Drive


Get involved!


Sign up!

Sign up to be a “circulator.” Collect signatures: Protect your money, your land and your right to vote on them. Contact us at our contact page or via email



Be part of the process.

Be part of the change.

Raise your hand and your voice.