About Transparent Payson

Who we are:

We are citizens of Payson, Arizona who are striving to make our local government more transparent.  We believe in the people having a vote as to what happens with their money, their land, their town.  We believe that the elected officials are there to serve the public and as such we should have a voice in making decisions that affect us all.  We are nonpartisan / bipartisan with no party affiliation, no hidden agenda, and therefore we are YOU.  We believe in Payson, Arizona and its future.  We support growth that will better serve all of its citizens while also remaining financially sound.

Currently we are working to change the Town code that any contract over One Million Dollars be decided by a vote of the people.  Concurrently we are working to require that any lease of Town real property exceeding three years be voted on by the citizens of Payson.

Our vision is that our leaders provide all the information as to proposed spending of Town money as well as utilization of Town property so that we, the citizens, can choose how and where our money and our land is utilized.  We encourage you to read the debt initiative and the lease term initiative.  These issues are important and your voice and vote does matter.

We welcome YOUR involvement in this process.  Sign the petitions, cast the votes, and dare we say, support the cause.


Protecting your money, your land, and your right to VOTE on them!


Thank you.


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