About Transparent Payson

Who we are:

We are citizens of Payson, Arizona who are striving to make our local government more transparent.  We believe in the people having a vote as to what happens with their money, their land, and their town.  We believe that the elected officials are there to serve the public, and as such we should have a voice in making decisions that affect us all.  We are nonpartisan/bipartisan with no party affiliation, no hidden agenda, and therefore we are YOU.  We believe in Payson, Arizona, and its future.  We support growth that will better serve all of its citizens while also remaining financially sound. As a 527 nonprofit PAC, we were responsible for the successful enactment of Propositions 401 and 402 a few years back, which helped curb government overreach.

We are currently busy defending these important ordinances.  There was recently an attempt by the Town of Payson to repeal these ballot initiatives.   With the help of an attorney, we are fighting that effort in Gila County Superior Court; we still have much work to do to defend your taxpayers’ rights.

We are preparing to defend the rights of Payson taxpayers in regard to several huge proposed projects here locally.  Our goal is NOT to prevent such projects but to ensure transparency in all negotiations, discussions, and contracts that affect your town.  We are protecting YOU, the Tax Payer!

Our vision is that our leaders provide all the information as to the proposed spending of Town money as well as the utilization of Town property so that we, the citizens, can choose how and where our money and our land are utilized.

We welcome YOUR involvement in this process.  Dare we say, support the cause.

Thank you.