A Healthy Government Does NOT Suppress Free Speech.

Attempting to stifle protected/free speech is never a good quality for a government.  By definition, that action is oppressive.  Bullying is not tolerated at the local schools.  There is a significant discussion on the causes and consequences.  Bullying is a real issue, most grow out of it, and apparently, some do not.  Perhaps some Council Members or Town management could benefit from a time out?

1. seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable):

Paul Frommelt has been a Board Member of Transparent Payson from day one.  Paul spent countless hours collecting signatures and coordinating the many other volunteers collecting signatures; we would not have been successful without Paul.  Recently the Town of Payson allowed for a drive-through marijuana dispensary.  Some people in the Town were vocal in their objections.  Part of that vocalization was via a meme riffed on the Town of Payson logo.  As a group, Transparent Payson has no position on the drive-through issue.  We take very seriously perceived/actual threats or perceived/attempted intimidation against our Board Members.

Town Legal, Mr. Jon Paladini, on behalf of the Town of Payson, with the firm Pierce Coleman, sent a Cease and Desist letter to Paul.  The letter is for trademark infringement and threatens legal action.  The images in question:


A full copy of Mr. Paladini’s letter is below.  A full copy of the Transparent Payson response by Counsel Mr. Timothy A. La Sota is also below.  Here is a brief snip of the response:

Your letter was ill-advised and a naked attempt to squelch the free speech rights of the Town opponents.  It hardly seems a coincidence that Mr. Frommelt is a board member of Transparent Payson, which has sued the Town alleging that the Town illegally repealed two citizen passed ballot measures.

The Pierce Coleman letter: 

(Note: The .pdf file can be scrolled to review all pages of the document.)

Frommelt Cease and Desist


The responsive letter:

(Note: The .pdf file can be scrolled to review all pages of the document.)

052923 Ltr from LaSota re Frommelt


This is not the first time the Town of Payson has tried to intimidate members of Transparent Payson.  Prior Town Legal, Mr. Figueroa, sent the Constable to deliver documents, threatened claims of open meeting violations, and demanded that information provided by the Town be removed from publication as an “emergency.”  Counsel advised that if it was an emergency, Mr. Figueroa should call 911.  The Town has a history of attempted retaliation and intimidation.

Bullying is best left to third-world dictators, banana republics, and children with low self-esteem.

To stop this behavior from our local government, it is necessary to place checks on them.  That can only be done with your financial support.  Please donate.  Or wait for your turn in the cross hairs.

Still YOUR money. Still YOUR land.

Still YOUR vote.



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