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A Pending 1% Payson Sales Tax/TPT Increase?

Transparent Payson has sometimes been labeled “conjecture,” “speculation,” and other choice things.   The fiscal issues facing our community are coming into focus every day.   The current issue?   A potential 1% sales tax increase.   The sales tax (TPT) rate for Payson is 9.48%.   That comprises 5.6% State Tax, 1% Gila County Tax, and 2.88% Town […]

Prop 401 and 402
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Objections to Proposition 401 and 402 – Is that possible?

On our Facebook page recently we were asked “Did anyone explain why they support or oppose the propositions?”  That is a great question!  To our knowledge no one has provided an explanation on their decision to oppose the initiatives. Generally the rational to opposing them leans towards one of three possibilities.  Lets look at them? […]