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A Pending 1% Payson Sales Tax/TPT Increase?

Transparent Payson has sometimes been labeled “conjecture,” “speculation,” and other choice things.   The fiscal issues facing our community are coming into focus every day.   The current issue?   A potential 1% sales tax increase.   The sales tax (TPT) rate for Payson is 9.48%.   That comprises 5.6% State Tax, 1% Gila County Tax, and 2.88% Town […]

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A Healthy Government Does NOT Suppress Free Speech.

Attempting to stifle protected/free speech is never a good quality for a government.  By definition, that action is oppressive.  Bullying is not tolerated at the local schools.  There is a significant discussion on the causes and consequences.  Bullying is a real issue, most grow out of it, and apparently, some do not.  Perhaps some Council […]

Yes on 401 and 402
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Real Issues – Yes on 401 and 402

Transparent Payson was formed to address real issues. Recently we were engaged in a conversation on Facebook that provided that opportunity.  We always welcome feedback and intelligent conversation.  We appreciate Ms. Bollier’s voice and welcome her input.  The full conversation may be found here.  There is some overlap on outside issues, as with any conversation, […]