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A Court Date Has Been Set With the Town of Payson.

Despite reports in “newspapers” and statements from pundits, including local elected officials, asserting otherwise, the case of Transparent Payson vs. The Town of Payson has not been resolved.  A court date has been set for a bench trial.   04/05/24 Trial Memo Due    04/09/24 Joint Pretrial Due  04/12/24 Response Memo Due  04/12/24 Final Pretrial Conference […]

Discuss Democracy
Updates and Information

An Open Forum to Discuss Democracy and the Issues.

Transparent Payson Board Members will speak about voters’ rights, the current issues facing Propositions 401 and 402, and the pending litigation at the Conservative Coalition of Arizona (CCAZ) meeting.   The CCAZ is comprised of independent and conservative-minded citizens advocating for constitutional principles.  Visit their website to learn more about the Conservative Coalition of Arizona […]