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A Pending 1% Payson Sales Tax/TPT Increase?

Transparent Payson has sometimes been labeled “conjecture,” “speculation,” and other choice things.   The fiscal issues facing our community are coming into focus every day.   The current issue?   A potential 1% sales tax increase.   The sales tax (TPT) rate for Payson is 9.48%.   That comprises 5.6% State Tax, 1% Gila County Tax, and 2.88% Town […]

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An Open Forum to Discuss Democracy and the Issues.

Transparent Payson Board Members will speak about voters’ rights, the current issues facing Propositions 401 and 402, and the pending litigation at the Conservative Coalition of Arizona (CCAZ) meeting.   The CCAZ is comprised of independent and conservative-minded citizens advocating for constitutional principles.  Visit their website to learn more about the Conservative Coalition of Arizona […]

Updates and Information

Emergency! Urgent! Shucks – Not So Much.

Like democracy, some essential concepts of Western civilization were first taught in Greece.   Children learned of a shepherd boy who tells the tale of an attacking wolf after the flock.  After enough false alarms, the villagers did not believe the story.   When it was finally real, nobody listened.   Some versions of the story have […]