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Transparent Payson Board Members will speak about voters’ rights, the current issues facing Propositions 401 and 402, and the pending litigation at the Conservative Coalition of Arizona (CCAZ) meeting.   The CCAZ is comprised of independent and conservative-minded citizens advocating for constitutional principles.  Visit their website to learn more about the Conservative Coalition of Arizona […]

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A Court Date Has Been Set

Depending on the outcome of the court date, you may be subject to additional taxes.  As legal fees are again mounting, we are hopeful you will donate. Without your support, we cannot defend voters’ rights.  Without your support, we cannot prevent unilateral debt and increased taxes.  We need your help.  Please donate.  The initial hearing […]

One Duty
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They Have But One Duty

  Payson has such a wealth of knowledge in the community.  We first realized that six years ago as we drafted and circulated the petitions, known as Propositions 401 and 402.  This pool of knowledge undoubtedly reflects the median age, which is 59.8 years old. There are many intelligent people and so much life experience […]