An Award for Affordable Housing

We recently discussed the need for affordable housing in Payson.  Three proposals were made for federal tax credits to enable housing.  The Arizona Department of Housing award was made to Green Valley II of Payson, LLC, headed by Jacob Swartwood.  The tax credits awarded are $1.86m.  The property in question will require that the American Gultch project proceed to allow for the land to be removed from a designated flood plain.  The Gultch project is estimated at $9,000,000.00; experience teaches us there will be cost overruns.  The $9,000,000.00 will be funded by the anticipated bond paid for by citizens.  Ultimately that land will be acquired by Green Valley II of Payson.

The lease/option to purchase was contingent on the tax credit award.  It appears that the lease/purchase agreement is now valid.  We suspect the Green Valley project is years from completion.

To pay for the proposed improvements, the fiscal year 24-25 Fees & Charges Schedule will go into effect July 1, 2024.  The fees have increased.  The sales tax/TPT increase is here; Payson is at 10.48%.  There is a discussion of a secondary property tax.  There is a plan to place a general obligation bond during an off-year vote cycle.

The Town has established a new Program Management Office (PMO) to oversee the bond funds.    There is no concern about the fiscal impact, as the Staff Memo indicates

“There is no fiscal impact at this time for this report.  These anticipated management services were contemplated in the construct of future bond funded projects and will be funded from the increase in sales tax revenue.”

Payson employee headcount grows.

The Staff Report and PowerPoint presentation from the May 22nd meeting are below in .pdf.

You can learn more about the three proposals and the Green Valley II project, at our website.

Payson needs affordable housing.  This project appears to transfer wealth from the public coffers to private hands. 




For Transparent Payson, a Notice of Appeal was filed with the Superior Court on May 23.

Here is a synopsis of that process:

  • To challenge a superior court’s decision in a civil case, a party must file a notice of appeal in the superior court within 30 days after a signed, appealable judgment or order is entered.
  • After the notice of appeal is filed, the superior court will send it, an Index of Record, and the superior court record ARCAP 11, ARCAP 11.1 to the Court of Appeals (approximately 30 days).  After briefing is complete, the Court will direct the clerk of the superior court to transmit additional documents filed in the superior court after the notice of appeal.
  • The clerk of this Court will issue an Appellate Clerk Notice that provides the deadlines for paying the filing fee and for filing the case management statement and opening brief.
  • The Court of Appeals “docket” is available on the main page of this website under Case Status.  The docket provides all relevant procedural information, including the status of an appeal, deadlines, event history, judicial panel assignment, and conference date.

We can use your continued support in our efforts.  Please donate.

The Arizona Department of Housing Award:



The Town of Payson PowerPoint on Program Management Office (PMO)



The Town of Payson Staff Report on Program Management Office (PMO)



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