Placing our trust with the voters

We have some organized opposition now.

This quote is commonly attributed to Mark Twain.  Don’t know if that is correct, but it is a good quote.

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.


Looks like the local Non Profit, “Friends of Parks and Rec.” has decided to oppose our efforts?

From their website…..

“We strive to make sure that no child who wants to participate in a program is left behind through our scholarship program.  Lastly we provide financial assistant to the Town of Payson, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department to help with the upkeep of our beautiful parks and wherever else we are needed.”


Yes on 401 and 402

At first blush one would think that is not legal for a non profit to be politically active?  Followed up with Ms. Smith.  Here is the exchange:

Our email:

It is our understanding that Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation Incorporated is a 501(c) (3) group.  Generally speaking a 501(c) (3) group is precluded from campaigning or taking political stands and or participating in an election other than very limited situations.  Additionally we anticipate that it would be necessary for the group to register as a political committee with the state, county or local officials, in order to have political signage in the area of Payson?   

Please provide input into this apparent group and if they are registered as a political committee subject to section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, or registered with the Town Clerk as a committee?


Ms. Smith:

An entity registered as a 501-3-c is permitted to place political signs or advertise to influence an election as long as they did not form for the sole purpose to influence an election. They do not have to be registered as a political committee to put up signs.

If you are asking for clarification I believe I have answered that above but if you need further clarification please contact me.

If you feel that they should be registered then you would need to formally file a written complaint and I can take it from there.


So, more research. 

Basically a 501(c)(3) can advocate on behalf of “legislative changes.”  They can do so with no finance reports, etc..    Sad that they took an organization about kids, trees and park benches and made it a political / fund-raising group for CCP.

It is what it is. We will place our trust in the voters.  



We also now have a joint effort by various candidates to apparently form a “team” as a concerted effort? Transparent Payson has always been, and will remain Non-Partisan and or Bi-Partisan.


Some prefer no input from voters?  Well, unless they need that input to get elected?