Why are these issues important?

Why are these issues important? Why is voting important?  We can likely all answer this similarly.  We can each do so without reading The Federalist Papers, or a single page by Alexis de Tocqueville.  Having a say, an opinion, and having our thoughts taken into account for how our community, our state, and our country operates is an integral part of this country.

Those in the position of leadership may not always like that we have thoughts or opinions that do not agree with theirs, however when they accepted to serve in their position they agreed to listen to what we the people have to say.  Voting also keeps our leadership honest, well as honest as possible.  Politics is a dirty business.  We have no doubt that it is not easy at any level.  When those that you serve are questioning your actions you should respond.  Not as a politician but as the trusted leader of those that elected you into office.  Questions and concerns should be answered to the public.  It should be done so with honest answers that can be backed up, and proven, so as to keep the trust of those you serve.

It is disheartening that most people do not trust the government/politicians any longer.  Not surprising mind you, just disheartening.  Saddest of all is that could easily be changed, simply by addressing the concerns of the people.

At the local level, the issue of voting is twofold.  First, we elect people to serve on the Town Council, as Mayor, etc.  Second, we act as an appropriation committee by authorizing expenditures that come from general revenues.  This is not some abstract thought or idea.  This is the essence of local government.  The citizens should always control the checkbook.

Voting at the local level is much more than just “who gets elected.”  It is “what gets spent.”  Are you willing to let that choice be made by others?

Let’s go back to de Tocqueville.  He stated:

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.

Your money requires your vote.

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      We can use your continued support.  Please donate. To finance the Town’s list of projects Town Council increased the TPT/Sales tax.  That tax becomes effective on May 1st.  The rate will be 10.48%.  Some people tithe.  The TPT/ Sales tax rate […]
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