Notice for Independent Voters

A quick note for Independent, Libertarian, or non-affiliated voters.

transparent paysonThe initiatives should be placed on the primary ballot.  That is before the general election.  The trouble is, you may not get a ballot.  Many of us have standing ballot requests to be mailed.  Please check your ballots so you can be involved.  This will apply to the Council as well as local initiatives or referendums.

The Gila County Elections Director provided the following:

A voter who is registered as an independent or other than a major party and is on the permanent early voter list will receive a letter from the Gila County Recorder’s Office notifying them of the upcoming primary election.  The letter  will have a return mailing form that will allow them to select a ballot style of their choosing, either that of a party, which holds an open primary, or a non-partisan town only ballot that would have council and potential initiative measures only.  This letter is mailed 90 days before the election, in early May, or you can call and request a ballot be mailed by phone by contacting the Gila County Recorder’s Office at (928) 402-8619.

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to e-mail or call me at (928) 402-8708.  Thank you.


Eric Mariscal, Director

Gila County Elections


Thank you!