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Bi-partisan, non-partisan, liberal, conservative, non-committal, rather not say:  All the voices matter.  Transparent Payson is about the process.  Your money, your land, your vote.  That simple. 

Oftentimes, there are voter drives before big elections.  A trip to the Rodeo, plenty of places to register to vote.  Corn dog at the fair?  Stop by a booth and register.  Game and fish shin dig?  Think so.  Sometimes there are voter drives in parking lots at the grocery store.  Nowadays it is easier than ever to register to vote.  How easy?

Well, a quick check of the Arizona Secretary of State gives us this:

How to Register to Vote

  1. Log on to Service Arizona (link is external)
  2. Select your language preference, then click “Begin/Update Voter Registration”
  3. Verify your voter eligibility
  4. Enter your information in the required fields
  5. Verify address information
  6. You can now select your party preference

If you are having trouble logging in to the Service Arizona website, you can print off a Voter Registration Form (PDF)  and fill it out with your new information. After you finish, mail the completed form to your county recorder’s office and your information will be updated.

  • By Mail – You can either print off a form online (PDF) or request that a registration form be mailed to you from your County Recorder. After completing the voter registration form, mail it to your county recorder’s office.


How cool is that?  Personally we are big fans of the Service AZ website.  You can do a lot there.  For us, that would be the jumping off place.  But even the County gets in on the action.

The Recorder’s Office has a wealth of resources.  The best part?  They also have a satellite office here in Payson and we are willing to bet if you walk into that office, they can help you out.  Where is that at?

Satellite Office Payson
201 W Frontier St
Payson, AZ 85541
Phone (928) 474-7198
Fax   (928) 472-5346

Don’t know if you are registered?  Here is a handy dandy link to show your status.

There really is no reason not to register.  Heck, used to be folks did not do it for Jury Service.  Nope, we think that is from Driver’s License now?  See, really no excuse.


(The last day to register for the August 28th Vote is July 30th, 2018)

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