Frequently asked questions – with answers. (FAQ’s)

Sometimes things are assumed but you know what they say about that…

You may have a question, and it may be one we get often!  If you check out our FAQ’s and find that your question isn’t answered, then ask us!  Use our “Contact Us” form, or simply drop us a note at

Is this “anti-growth?”

Not at all.  This is responsible growth and responsible finance.  The same as you plan for in your own home. In no way shape or form is Transparent Payson anti-growth, anti-rec center, etc.  We simply recognize there are no shortcuts.  If there were shortcuts in town growth or life, we would all be on the beach drinking rum or driving Mercedes.  Our sidewalks would be paved with gold.  Sadly, that is not the case.  It can be; but it takes work and planning.  No shortcuts.  No magic bullet.  No winning lotto ticket.


Is this a result of the Rec Center/Rumsey Park deal?

In part yes.  Should that project move forward the Rumsey Park area will come under the control of an outside private firm.  Public access will be limited.  The other element is that it is a response to the apparent failure of the process.  It is time for citizens to regain control of the process.  Sometimes people don’t like the process, oftentimes they don’t like the outcome.  We value the process.  We respect the process.  The process is in place to protect our rights and our voice.


Will this impact normal operation of the Town?

Every effort has been made to “carve out” legitimate government functions while still protecting our rights to public land and limiting creative debt financing to incur debt without citizen consent.


Why the name “Transparent Payson?

Our goal is greater “transparency” in decisions by the Town involving long term debt or use of public lands.  Citizens have an absolute right to make funding choices and determine the use of public spaces.

Will this impact taxes?

No, it gives greater control to the citizens.  It will have the effect of preventing possible increases of future taxes.


I want a Rec Center!

So do we!  In the case of the Rumsey Park proposal the “Rec Center” is much more than just a rec center.  It is an approximate 115,000 square foot development.  Think a building the size of Home Depot for reference.

We also want a transparent process.  One that accounts for all groups, not a private developer’s wishes.


Is this affiliated with any political group?

No.  This is non-partisan.  These are initiatives put together by citizens who wish for more transparency in our local government.


What costs do these affect?

Large capital projects.  We feel it is important that the citizens of the Town have a say in large projects wherein their taxes could be affected due to the projects.


Is this connected to 260 Chat?

No Transparent Payson is a political action effort (committee) subject to Section 527 rules formed to bring more transparency to our local government.  260 Chat is an open discussion forum.


Our current flyer, you may receive one when you sign the petitions.


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