Frequently asked questions – with answers. (FAQ’s)

Sometimes things are assumed but you know what they say about that…

You may have a question, and it may be one we get often!  If you check out our FAQ’s and find that your question isn’t answered, then ask us!  Use our “Contact Us” form, or simply drop us a note at

Why the name “Transparent Payson?

Our goal is greater “transparency” in decisions by the Town involving long term debt or use of public lands.  Citizens have an absolute right to make funding choices and determine the use of public spaces.

I want a Rec Center!

So do we! We just want to make sure that any final decision is fair and equitable for everyone; Especially the town’s residents.We also want a transparent process.  One that accounts for all groups, not a private developer’s wishes.

Is this affiliated with any political group?

No.  This is non-partisan.  These are initiatives put together by citizens who wish for more transparency in our local government.


Once again

We are preparing to defend the rights of Payson taxpayers in regards to several huge proposed projects here locally. Our goal is not to prevent such projects, but to ensure transparency in all negotiations, discussions and contracts that affect the town. We are protecting YOU, the Tax Payer!


Note: The committee is legally required to request identifying information from each contributor.We need your help. We ask for your support, in our fight to protect Payson! We need your time, and we need financial support in our efforts. Will you help us to help you?

Any monetary donations can be made out, payable to “Transparent Payson.” and can be mailed to Paul Frommelt, 513 N Hemlock Cir. Payson, Az. 85541. Any donations over $50 require the donor’s name, address, occupation and employer, as applicable.