Donation fun and Varxity resolution.

Varxity was part of the tri-party agreement with the Town of Payson (TOP) for the Recreation Center/Hockey Rinks/Pool.  After 401 and 402 passed, the TOP withdrew from the agreement.  There may have been a mixup on the signatures required to make it all official.   Ultimately Varxity filed a suit against the TOP.  We provided information here and here.

Varxity is no longer in the picture.  We have documented Varxity and reviewed the court filings as they related to Proposition 401 and 402 here and here.  The TOP and Varxity have reached an agreement to settle the matter.  The court filing is below.  The cost of the settlement agreement to the TOP, excluding legal fees, is $105,000.00.  We guess the joke was on the citizens of Payson.

The Council Agenda, item B.3 below, confirms the value.

Council Decisions Request filed by Jon Paladini, Town Attorney, to approve a Settlement Agreement and Release, with Varity Development Corporation, in the amount of $105,000, and authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement.

The entire settlement agreement and Council Agenda are attached below.

Are donations refundable?  It seems so.

Payson resident Mr. Jeff Robbins was given a timeout from posting on the Transparent Payson Facebook page.  We welcome comments and thoughts, but the copy and paste was too much.  That platform reaches just shy of 900 followers.  It is not an open platform.  Much like the local paper, the Roundup, we retain editorial discretion.

Previously, Mr. Robbins donated to Transparent Payson and was proud to call himself a donor.  With the timeout, he requested a refund of his donation.  It was sent and cashed.

In today’s mail, the Democrats of Rim Country sent the Transparent Payson Chairman a thank-you note for their donation.  “It is gratifying to see more and more former conservatives supporting local Democrats.”  It appears Mr. Robbins has donated on the Chairman’s behalf with his filthy lucre.

Well played Mr. Robbins.  Well played.

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Is it legal to donate in the name of others?   You can decide by reading this information from the Federal Election Commission.

Contributions in the Name of Another are Strictly Prohibited

Reimbursing someone for a contribution or otherwise contributing in the name of another person can result in substantial civil penalties and jail time. 52 U.S.C. §§ 30122 and 30109 (formerly 2 U.S.C. §§ 441f and 437g). The FEC and the Department of Justice have prosecuted several such cases over the last few years.

As a reminder, Transparent Payson is non-partisan/bi-partisan.  There is no affiliation with any political group.  Our board members are from various political parties and beliefs.  We welcome involvement from all.


Motion to Vacate, December 22, 2023.

varxity motion to vacate

Town of Payson Council Agenda, January 10th, 2024.

010723 Town Council Agenda w highlight

Settlement Agreement

010723 Settlement_Agreement__FINAL

If you wish to offset Mr. Robbins’ refund and support voters’ rights, please donate.