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Join Transparent Payson and Counsel Mr. Timothy A. La Sota for breakfast with a moderated question and answer session.  Learn about the specific issue(s) against the Town of Payson and the more significant voter rights issues.

Transparent Payson is pleased to be represented by Mr. La Sota. Mr. La Sota specializes in government practice, including election law, with specialized litigation involving governmental entities as clients and adversaries.  Mr. La Sota is a graduate of Arizona State University, College of Law, Cum Laude, who received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Cum Laude.

Breakfast is a no-host even:

Wednesday, May 31st, 7:00 a.m. at Tiny’s Restaurant,  600 E State Highway 260, Payson, AZ 85541.

The portions are generous, the prices are reasonable, and the service is excellent.  An order of biscuits and gravy will be our option.  Please let us know if you plan on attending so we can provide an approximate headcount to ensure adequate staffing.  A quick email or via Facebook calendar would be appreciated.

After breakfast, Transparent Payson and Counsel La Sota are scheduled to appear on the Rim Country Forum on KMOG hosted by Charlie Seraphin.  The forum allows guests and callers to discuss their agreements and disagreements honestly and openly.

We look forward to both events and hope that we can provide clarification on the issues.



Your Money, Your Land, STILL – YOUR right to VOTE on them.

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    • Trial is scheduled for April 19th at 1:30
      We can use your continued support.  Please donate. To finance the Town’s list of projects Town Council increased the TPT/Sales tax.  That tax becomes effective on May 1st.  The rate will be 10.48%.  Some people tithe.  The TPT/ Sales tax rate […]
    • A Court Date Has Been Set With the Town of Payson.
      Despite reports in “newspapers” and statements from pundits, including local elected officials, asserting otherwise, the case of Transparent Payson vs. The Town of Payson has not been resolved.  A court date has been set for a bench […]
    • Donation fun and Varxity resolution.
      Varxity was part of the tri-party agreement with the Town of Payson (TOP) for the Recreation Center/Hockey Rinks/Pool.  After 401 and 402 passed, the TOP withdrew from the agreement.  There may have been a mixup on the signatures required to make it […]
    • Your money, NOT your vote.
      Thank you, KMOG and former Payson Mayor Kenneth Murphy, for the opportunity to discuss the issues with current Mayor Higgins on the KMOG forum on December 29th.  We always appreciate the opportunity to be part of the KMOG discussion.  It was a great […]
    • Did the Mayor call voters a “mob?”
      A quick year-end update.  We are very hopeful that everyone has a wonderful holiday season. The court case against the Town moves at a glacial pace.  The last court hearing was November 30th.  There is little to report on that front.  That sounds […]
    • Hopes are dashed.Groundhog Day Tax Increase
      The movie Groundhog Day is cute.  Bill Murray’s character, weatherman Phil Connors, repeatedly gets stuck in the same day.  A film buff worked it out to be thirty-three years and 350 days. In the end, Bill/Phil gets the girl.  Maybe it was […]
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